I.T. On The Move

Onsite Computer support and IT services for individuals. We also provide pickup and drop-off service for your machine if you need it.

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Experiments In Advertising

Check out our radio Ad here coming soon.

New Partner site

We have partnered with ThumbTack.com to expand our consumer repair service. Click the following link to request service. Computer Repair

New Product!

Managed Anti-Virus service in the cloud!  Call our sales team for more information.  Starting at $39 per year.


Check out the rules and definitions for the Nation Of Nerds!  Click here!

Support News!

We just published out new remote support tool!  It's new and improved and works with all version sof windows.  The next time you need support ask you support rep to take it for a spin!


Welcome to The Nerd Herders, Inc.

Where we herd the best nerds!

You no longer have to waste your time searching for the best solution!  Customers come to us because they have made their way through other IT “professionals” and other companies that claim to know what they are doing.  The Nerd Herders will provide the right solution to the customer at the right time for a fair price guaranteed!

What is a Nerd Herder you might ask?

Besides the definition stated above, it's a nerd in a herd that can handle your technology interests with quick and accurate efficiency.  When your car breaks you take it to the car nerd (mechanic).  When your house needs repair you call a construction nerd (carpenter).  So when your computer breaks don't geek around, call a nerd.  Better yet call us and we'll custom pick a nerd from out herd that can handle your problem.

We are the only company that provides a guaranty of service.  If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay!  There are some limitations but not many, contact us today to have them explained.

Contact The Nerd Herders, Inc. to get your computer gear fixed right the first time!